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  • This category lists article relating to vehicles found in Grand Theft Auto IV. v • g • d • eVehiclesListsAll Vehicles | Category | by brand | by vehicle type | Special .This page lists all vehicles used by the Police, SWAT, NOOSE, FBI/FIB, Coastguard.Welcome Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest.Please note that all vehicles from GTA IV appear in the episodic contents so it is to go to their articles, or hover over the image to reveal the vehicle's.The following is a list of vehicles which can be driven, ridden on, or controlled in Grand Theft Auto IV. For vehicles added in the downloadable episodes The Lost .Grand Theft Auto IV is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and There is a first-person perspective option when using vehicles. to police, the teens claimed that they were "inspired" by Grand Theft.Vehicle colors are based on the GTA IV vehicle colors - Vehicle Added new/changed names for various vehicles (thanks to the Project Vapid Stanier Police.Could someone assist me with the file names for the emergency vehicles? (like the riot vehicle, police roadcruiser, police rancher, park ranger, police transport). policet - Police Transporter. policeb - SAHP Bike.Astoria was featured in the first, original Grand Theft Auto (as 'Estoria'), and so far, and Impala taxi and police cars (they even have the car I own in the game a, 1987 Some cars are also from the final IV, but with different names.

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